Supporting Rural Guatemalan Villages and Artisans During COVID-19

We’re supporting lifelong creators and those hardest hit economically by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering one-a-kind, handmade face masks in a variety of patterns and designs.

These protective masks are woven by twelve women artisans with threads of persistence, hope, and connection from the rural village of El Triunfo, Guatemala. With the help of La Vidacita, a collective of artisans and entrepreneurs helping women and children in rural Guatemala, these women are able to be paid a dignified wage to provide food and other basic necessities for themselves and their community.

The masks are carefully hand-crafted and feature a cotton/poly outer and cotton inner lining. A single elastic band keeps the mask in place.

We recommend gently hand washing with warm soap and water but they can be machine washed in cold water using a gentle detergent or cleaner.

You can find more information about La Vidacita and what they do for rural Guatemalan villages and communities by visiting their website below.


Thank you for helping support creators around the globe!

- The Team @ Bare Lyfe Co.

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