Why We Started Bare Lyfe Co.

When Josh and I started tossing around the idea of Bare Lyfe Co. in the Winter of 2017, it wasn't the first time it had crossed our mind.

As undergrads, the pipe dream of skipping corporate America and jumping right in to the start-up scene was on the forefront of every young 20-something's mind.

Think about it - we were on the heels of HBO's hit series Entourage, and start ups like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon were hitting billions. In 2012, everyone was trying to dream up the next big thing.

But after graduation, fending for yourself in the real world and maintaining a steady job with benefits was the MO. It was either float, or move back in with mom and dad (which I would have been totally ok with).

The spark that existed out of pure passion and excitement, didn't exist anymore. And what I've realized since then is that even at the height of passion, raw emotion can only take you so far.

Aside from navigating the ups and downs as a 24 year-old in corporate America, one important lesson I have learned over the last 5 years is how to manage priorities.

It was much easier as an undergrad - one or two classes a day, and some studying. Sure, I took 19, 20, and 21 credit hours my last 3 semesters and worked part-time, but even then, nothing could have prepared you for what comes at you in the real world.

Fast forward a few years: bills, side projects, volunteering, maintaining a home, etc. - it all catches up to you and eats that precious 24 hours in a day, very quickly. 

Instead of asking yourself what you want to do, it evolves in to "What do I have to do?" And, more specifically, "what am I ok with not getting done today?" (Take a few days out of your life and read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown. Gamechanger.)

That saying "I wish there was more time!" Yup - that's a real thing, and every adult experiences it.

So it goes without being said that things you used to be concerned about, start to get some additional consideration when time is at a premium. Late gaming session? Too tired for that. Wednesday karaoke night at the corner pub? I'm sure my boss would be thrilled that I missed the 7am standup because of it.

Sure, these are things we all want to do, but prioritization is key skill that every adult must learn in order to tackle the challenge we call life.

Caught in the tidal wave of things I can't care about anymore: clothes.

While we all want to look stylish and fashionable, those needs start to take a back seat to comfort, and practicality - especially when it comes to work. We all thought Steve Jobs was a wierdo because he wore the same clothes every day.

Turns out, he was a genius.

There's this thing called decision fatigue. Believe it or not, your brain has a limit to the amount of decisions it can make daily. The more decisions you make earlier in the day, the harder and more complicated it is to make decisions as the day goes on. 

You don't want to spend your capacity on picking out clothes in the morning. That major, multi-million dollar account that is on the cusp of closing? Yea, your brain power needs to focus on that.

Prioritization is an easy concept to grasp, but difficult to implement.

In today's world where everything - from family, to events, to electronic devices - is competing for your time, decisions are used up quickly, and often, early in the day.

Think about it...how many of us today spent half of our limited morning brain power deciding what to wear? If you feel exhausted from your morning routine, you're not alone.

We felt the same way, and decided to do something about it.

Much like building a house that will stand the test of time, a wardrobe is only as good as the foundation it is built on.

Read any men's or women's fashion book - the first thing they will mention is having a good foundation of clothing. Basics that cover all situations, colors, moods, seasons, and most importantly, can be used to build on.

But what happens when the search for those wardrobe staples begin?

You quickly discover that finding the staples you need are few and far between. They're either ridiculously expensive ($60 for a t-shirt...come on man), or thin enough that they might be mistaken for single-ply.

Or even worse, they don't fit. 

People come in all shapes and sizes, but I'm constantly sitting there wondering where the heck the people that fit in these clothes are. My guess is they built it around a cardboard box - not exactly the fit and style a lot of us are going for.

There's nothing like a wardrobe that makes you cringe every time you think about it.

These, and many other reasons, are why Josh and I founded Bare Lyfe Co.

We were sick and tired of being let down by underwhelming, overpriced, uncomfortable men's basics and essentials.

We were sick of being stressed out over something that shouldn't be stressed over.

We were at our tipping point, and decided to solve a personal need while helping others do the same. 

Bare Lyfe Co. was born. All the best staples, without any of the decision fatigue.

All of our apparel is hand selected, and personally tested for three things: great looks, durability, and most importantly, comfort. If it doesn't check those three boxes and do so with flying colors, we don't put it in our store. 

Not only has our gear been hand tested, but we wear it daily. If you ever see Josh and I out and about, there's really good chance we're rocking Bare Lyfe - and not just because it's our brand, but because we truly and unconditionally believe in our product, brand, and what it stands for. 

We don't just want to build a clothing line, but build a lifestyle around simplicity and affordability. There's no reason why anyone should have to pay $60 for a t-shirt that doesn't fit and gets destroyed in the first wash cycle.

Neither should you.

We offer a full men's line of basics - tee shirts, long tees, crew neck sweatshirts, and hoodies, with more men's basics and essentials dropping at every turn of the season (with a ladies line in the works).

If you don't believe us - try it (use code READINGISFUN for 20% off, since you made it to the end of this novel).

We guarantee you'll be comfortable, happy, and most importantly, less stressed about waking up and deciding what to wear every morning.

To simplicity, and beyond - 

Colin and Josh

Co-Founders, Bare Lyfe Co.

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